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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Feb 24, 2016

Today Ken welcomes musician Brenda Bennett to the show.

Ken and Brenda discuss Ken's house as a museum, New England, growing up with Country Music in the family, waltzing into a contract with CBS records, seeing the Beatles for the first time on the Jack Parr show, how television can be more powerful than just hearing...

Feb 19, 2016

In this special mini-episode Ken welcomes actress, singer, author Adrienne Barbeau to the show.

Ken and Adrienne discuss growing up without television, Pippin, musical theater, watching Westerns on the farm, "It Could Be You", the old country, not going to the movies until college, hour long dramas, Maude, Norman Lear,...

Feb 17, 2016

May 30 - June 5, 1992

Today Ken welcomes writer and monologist David Mogolov. Ken and David discuss the Boston suburbs, having a TV in your room, the midwest vs. NJ, AT&T, Central Time, SNL, Who's the Boss, The connection between Baywatch and Highway to Heaven, being a part of a cult, the Best Show, Tweeting the Macy's...

Feb 14, 2016

In this very special 2 year Anniversary special Ken treats the listeners to a LOST episode of the show. This was recorded in the first 30 days of the show back in 2014. Sean Sullivan expressed discontent with it so it sat in the vaults.

October 17-23, 1998

Ken and Sean discuss Ken's home and discussing Ken's home,...

Feb 10, 2016

Week of April 2-8, 1994

Today Ken welcomes comedian and host of "You're The Expert" Chris Duffy to the show. Ken and Chris discuss Loni Anderson, the long long process of Chris's appearance on the show, growing up in Manhattan, Petey's winking, living in You've Got Mail, how comedy and horror are the same, secret SNL...