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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jan 28, 2019

October 22 - November 2, 1979

Today Ken welcomes actress Cathy Podewell (Dallas, Growing Pains, Night of the Demons) to the show.

Ken and Cathy discuss her pre-work, Studs Terkel, Riverdale, growing up in Chicago, the coolest artifact ever brought on the show, TV Forecast, Kukla, Fran & Ollie, golden age of live...

Jan 21, 2019

September 5-11, 1987

Today Ken welcomes writer (Atomic Bebop Hulabaloo) and friend Adam Marsh to the show.

Ken and Adam discuss Adam's dream come true of appearing on the show, Adam's complicated sibling history, pool hustlers, Tower Records, New Kids on the Block, arcades, the homeless, slug people, pools, Mountain...

Jan 13, 2019

March 23-29, 1996

Today Ken welcomes actor Ayden Mayeri to the show.

Ken and Ayden discuss the Bette Davis estate, seltzer, Polar, famous noses, the 90s and the 60s, Nick at Nite, SNL, separate beds, references in comedy, the 1996 Telecommunications Act, syndication, reality TV, the horrors of deregulation, local...

Jan 7, 2019

Today Ken welcomes writer/producer/podcaster/sports announcer Ken Levine to the show.

Ken and Ken discuss Ken's Hollywood home, Hirshfelds, Emmys, the golden age of television of the early 70s, the horrors of working as a radio DJ, getting laid off before Christmas, forgetting a person's real name and calling them by...