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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jan 29, 2016

March 15-21, 1980

Today Ken welcomes writer, broadcaster, all around personality Dan Savage to the show.

Ken and Dan discuss lack of choices, Zoom Pride, Bonnie Hunt Chicago vs. Cabrini Green Chicago, being a middle child, special events pre-empting TV, Alienated suburban teams, Baretta, the Reagan era, the 70s grit vs....

Jan 27, 2016

February 2-8, 1991

In this episode Ken welcomes comedian, musician and man of New Hampshire Nick Lavallee to the show.

Ken and Nick discuss cat based allergies, Bob Saget, SNL, MC Hammer's connection to Julia Roberts, Sweeps Week, banning Pumps N a Bump, British Knights, confusing Michael Jackson with Magic Johnson, New...

Jan 24, 2016

By popular demand Ken welcomes returning guest, comedian and Wrestling superfan/expert Will Smalley back to the show for a very special Wrestling Special.

Ken and Will discuss the r-word, older brothers introducing you to the world of Wrestling, Hulk Hogan, Vince McMahon's reinvention, regional Wrestling organizations,...

Jan 20, 2016

March 4-10, 1995

Today Ken welcomes writer, cartoonist and graphic novel creator Liz Prince to the show.

Ken and Liz discuss Ken's strange home, hoarding comic books, autobiographical comic books, Disney's TV Animation, wanting to be a cartoon character, Adventure Time, punk rock, 90s zine culture, New Mexico,...

Jan 15, 2016

Today Ken welcomes singer/songwriter/author/all around talent Marshall Crenshaw to the show.

Ken and Marshall discuss how the third time is the charm, seaside music venues, Club Passim, Marshall's book "Hollywood Rock", The MTV age, the hub of hitchiking, That Thing You Do, La Bamba, Buddy Holly, the early 60s, The...