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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Feb 17, 2016

May 30 - June 5, 1992

Today Ken welcomes writer and monologist David Mogolov. Ken and David discuss the Boston suburbs, having a TV in your room, the midwest vs. NJ, AT&T, Central Time, SNL, Who's the Boss, The connection between Baywatch and Highway to Heaven, being a part of a cult, the Best Show, Tweeting the Macy's Parade, 120 Minutes, Thurston Moore vs. Beck, college radio, the non-COPS Inner Circle, Billy Connolly, Perfect Strangers, the superiority of Predator 2, evil Jamaicans, loving live ROC, Anthrax on Married...with Children, Night Court, Herman's Head, the golden age of Fox, Get a Life, Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Real Genius, HBO movies, Overboard, Midnight Madness, Braingames, HBO's Encyclopedia, Kansas City, Tommy Page's run on Full House, Home Improvement's Christmas in July, Eddie Albert's Hippie Nephew, tornado preparedness, The USA Music Challenge, Unsolved Mysteries, "Bait & Switch" on Growing Pains, Jake and the Fatman, Twins, Cosby's showcase for Doug E. Doug, The Simpsons, Desmonds, Sexual Harassment, A Different World, Garrett Graham, Clarence Thomas' public hair filled Coca-Cola, Cheers, MacGuyver smoking out arsonists, Wings, ripping off your own shows with Miracles and Wonders, the lazy nature of sitcom characters being in bands, Step by Step, the progressive nature of Dinosaurs, loving Swamp Thing despite it's low budget, the Alien Autopsy, Ken's theory on ghosts, the problems with Millennials, and appreciating Phil Hartman.