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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jul 28, 2019

FALL PREVIEW ALERT! September 12-18, 1998

This week Ken welcomes Philly Comedian Jake Mattera to the show.

Ken and Jake discuss the longest they've driven for a gig, growing up in Philly, Rohobeth Beach, Rhode Island, comedy festivals, weird regional foods, Coffee Milk, buying weapons in Chinatown, old Jade, swords,...

Jul 22, 2019

July 24-30, 1999

This week Ken welcomes comedian, entrepreneur and Woodstock '99 redeemer Jeff MacKinnon to the show.

Ken and Jeff discuss Ken's gift shop, trading card Ken Reid, Bradley Cooper's plastic surgery, eyebrows, Ken's fortress, never leaving your house, New Bedford, hippies, CBD oil, The Illuminati at Dallas...

Jul 15, 2019

In this extra special episode of TV Guidance Counselor Ken presents three chats from this year's Denver Pop Culture Con.

First up is Ken's chat with the stars of Flash Gordon - Sam Jones and Melody Anderson. Ken, Sam and Melody discuss early success, how you can never be spoiled, when a job is a job, being overwhelmed,...

Jul 8, 2019

May 20-26, 1978

Today Ken welcomes writer and fellow pop culture enthusiast/victim Mathew Klickstein to the show.

Ken and Mat discuss why you should never let get do the ordering when going out to eat, growing up in Orange County, Sk8TV, pop punk, Blink 182, Nickelodeon, Pinwheel, Teenie Little Super Guy, how TV killed...

Jul 1, 2019

This week Ken welcomes Philly based comedian Chip Chantry to the show.

Ken and Chip discuss Ken's studio, how Paul Chantry III became "Chip", fancy names, Garbage Pail Kids, Candy Castle, homes for the ugly, rejected Saturday Morning Cartoons, deleted scenes from The Goonies, Philly punk rock, classic kids' lies,...