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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Feb 10, 2016

Week of April 2-8, 1994

Today Ken welcomes comedian and host of "You're The Expert" Chris Duffy to the show. Ken and Chris discuss Loni Anderson, the long long process of Chris's appearance on the show, growing up in Manhattan, Petey's winking, living in You've Got Mail, how comedy and horror are the same, secret SNL writers, reading over TV, rewatching the Simpsons in your head, April Fools Day pranks, snapping turtles, Ken's high school stalker, Jeopardy, COPS, getting mugged, The Fugitive, foreseeing whack attacks, The Mommies, offended by Lynne Koplitz, kids at stand up comedy shows, Exchange Students, SNICK, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Scholastic Scary, Whalbergs in the shower, growing up Jewish and Christian, Ghost Writer, kissing your television, sleeping in Christian Slater's room, thin walls make poor privacy, Family Matters, white privilege time machines, Linda Ellerbee as the world's greatest journalist, Wild America vs. Nature, MST3K, Dave's World, Fraiser, recommending Hal Hartley, The Purple Gang, wanting a baby, Who's Line Is It Anyway?, loving bluegrass, loving Dolly Parton, pop up Chris Duffy, Home Improvement, studying JTT to get ladies, Unsolved Mysteries, BET's Comic View, Chris' bone chomping denials, Clarissa Explaining It All, The Simpsons, The Sony Hack, Mad About You, Trancers plus Twister, MTV, Shania Twain, Herman's Head, Traps, bragging about crimes you've committed, Buba Smith, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., The X-Files, Hart to Heart Returns, Jeer Cheers, Cheer Cheers, interning for Bill Clinton, and eating Chinese food in silence with Bill Nye.