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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Feb 24, 2016

Today Ken welcomes musician Brenda Bennett to the show.

Ken and Brenda discuss Ken's house as a museum, New England, growing up with Country Music in the family, waltzing into a contract with CBS records, seeing the Beatles for the first time on the Jack Parr show, how television can be more powerful than just hearing something, American Bandstand, loving songs but not artists, trying to get facetime with the family guitar, learning songwriting without learning music, Ozzie and Harriet, loving Ricky Nelson, Apollonia 6, Purple Rain, the abandoned Apollonia 6 mini-movie, Buck Henry, Sex Shooter, seeing live bands in Providence, Bonnie Raitt, Frank Zappa, King Crimson, living in London in the late 80s, recording in the Dave Clark Five studios, The Boston Tea Party, the Velvet Underground, the night James Brown saved Boston, seeing George Harrison, Paul McCartney asking your opinion on scents, absorbing accents, backpacking through Europe, Ken Lyon & The Tombstone Blues Band, Electric Lady Studios, Mott the Hoople, touring with Queen on their first US tour, the early days of music video, concert lighting, Boston, touring with Prince as his wardrobe mistress, Roy Bennett, Dirty Mind, having the voice of one of the Hookers, Vanity, the death of John Lennon, how sex sells, filming Prince for critiques, performing for 40,000 people in your underwear, Trashy Lingerie, being careful what you ask the Universe of, surprising Prince, being gifted with a voice, learning the politics of promotion, meeting Ricky Nelson, The Time, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Morris Day, Sheila E, loving historical dramas, a history of lace, acting, Falcon Crest, learning from the best, "17 Days", Manic Monday, John Palumbo, the power of coincidence, Tom Jones Kiss, Mavis Staples, Holly Knight, Brenda's first solo record A Capella, Dee Harris and Fashion, taking time off to be a mother, having your kid discover your past via VH1, the martial arts, zen, reconnecting with Susan and surprising Prince in Boston.