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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jul 8, 2015

March 3-9, 1979. 

This week Ken welcomes comedian and author Heather McDonald to the show.

Ken and Heather discuss worrying about the elderly being easily influenced by television, cigarette ads, Andy Griffith's 70s BDSM, after school specials, why the youngest of five has no rules, Victoria Principal, High Class Hookers, Eve Plumb in Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway, living "the Valley", Lace, All Girls Catholic High Schools, Heidi Fleiss, The Mayflower Madam, SportsClub LA, creepy solo fixers, Valley Girl, Patty Hearst, parents taking you to inappropriate movies, knowing when you were straight, forced make out sessions up against a wall, Traci Lords, how a criminal act can add meaning to your life, The Osmonds Circus, Mary Tyler Moore Hour, "Singles" apartment buildings, the one time per lifetime women have to try and make it on their own, Stockard Channing: The Star of Grease, being terrified of New York, Good Times, sharing a room with your siblings, Love Boat vs. Fantasy Island, Julie's eternal Maid of Honor status, Billy Crystal: Kissing Bandit, learning legal arguments about international waters via Love Boat, Cruises, drunken teenage boat debauchery, puking while watching "Overboard", dealing with Sammy Hagar in Cabo, buffet culture, Trilogy of Terror, Twilight Zone, Wishing someone into the cornfield, why Kick the Can is the worst, fear of alien abduction, Celebrity Ghost Stories, personal encounters with ghosts, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Suicides among Family Feud Hosts, Gary Coleman, Facts of Life, after school special putting the fear of god in children, "Someone I Touched", being wise beyond your years leading to not being invited to things, Reality TV, training your son with "The Bachelor", calling your kid a dick, Dancing with the Stars, asking your husband to die to help your own career, ignoring the industry, impressions, going to tapings of Growing Pains, playing ball with Shamu's Baby before Shamu ate it, Farrah Fawcett, drama, Sorority Life, college worship of Ronald Reagan, dreaming of being a famous actress/movie star/tv star/author, staying grounded, trying to stay in touch with former co-workers, The Groundlings, Chelsea Lately, and the future of stardom.