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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Aug 26, 2019

October 24-30, 1987

This week Ken welcomes actor, comedian and all around entertainer Mike Dorval to the show.

Ken and Mike discuss unnatural heat waves, Flirting with Disaster, Alan Alda, Albert Brooks vs. Woody Allen, age appropriate leading ladies, Moon Zapa's father's facial hair, defending Louie's shows, the...

Aug 19, 2019

February 14-20, 1981

This week Ken welcomes comedian and find Southern Gentleman Billy Wayne Davis to the show.

Ken and Billy Wayne discuss Ken's great stories, donuts, smoking pot, being born late, waterbed sex, Nashville vs. Memphis, poor people, Mystery Train, letting go on the ridiculous pop culture opinions of your...

Aug 12, 2019

March 18-24, 1978

This week Ken welcomes old friend and Boston Comedy institution DJ Hazard to the show.

Ken and DJ discuss making DJs bucket list obsolete, The Weekly Week, time travel, TV Guide Boys, The Boston Phoenix vs The Real Paper, Heavy Metal magazine, Gun Molls, Omni, Analog, Petticoat Junction, Hooterville,...

Aug 5, 2019

June 2-8, 1990

This week Ken talks with writer, comedian and musician Ariane Sherine on his recent trip to London.

Ken and Ariane discuss England vs. America, writing for UK sitcoms in the US writer's room style, not being allowed to watch TV as a kid and sneaking, MacGuyver, Baywatch, The Cosby Show, writing on a sugar...

Aug 1, 2019

It's BONUS! episode time. Here are two chats Ken had on Day 3 of Denver Pop Culture Con 2019.

First up is Michelle Gomez (Doctor Who, Sabrina).

Ken and Michelle discuss The Book Group, being surprised that you're funny, working in the trenches of acting, Green Wing, pretending to work in a hospital while you are in a...