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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Nov 25, 2015

May 7-13, 1994

Today Ken welcomes comedian Emily Heller to the show.

Ken and Emily discuss eating with your mouth full, visiting Boston for the first time, sweeps week, the return of Will Smith's Dad, San Francisco, Gymastics, Breaker High, kitchen TVs, Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards, Kid empowerment, Camp...

Nov 18, 2015

August 12-17, 1967

Today Ken welcomes "King of Pop Culture" Gary Sohmers to the show. Ken and Gary discuss proud hoarders, a place for things, birthdays, 15 year old's lust based viewing habits, the Kennedy assassination, Chicagoland, flight path high schools, the nature of proof, being removed Antiques Roadshow...

Nov 11, 2015

April 17-23, 1993

This week Ken welcomes writer, comedian, Jon Rineman to the show.

Ken and Jon discuss how long they've known each other, living in New York, old souls, prom comedy, Late Night TV, monologues, combating Twitter, replacements for the Tonight Show in 1993, Alan Havey, Dana Carvey, not knowing Conan is...

Nov 4, 2015

May 3-9, 1997

This week Ken welcomes his second couple to the show (not counting The Walsh Brothers and Veruca Salt), real life daters and comedians Ted Pettingell and Christa Weiss. 

Ken, Ted and Christa discuss the pleasures of tandem, sad tales of dogs,  bad tattoos, 'lics vs Cathys, pre-marriage counseling, Lucy...