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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Mar 30, 2017

Today Ken welcomes former MTV News Anchor, journalist and current photographer Tabitha Soren to the show.

Ken and Tabitha discuss growing up in a Military family, living in Germany, reading American Children's books from the Philippines, living in an Olivia Newton John world, the culture shock of the Florida panhandle,...

Mar 28, 2017

November 14-20, 1998

Today in an episode recorded in the basement of ImprovBoston Ken welcomes comedian Liz Miele to the show.

Ken and Liz discuss beer and trophies, stand ups on TV, Titus, mental illness, Robin Williams, Friends, The Simpsons, Kazaam, Shaq's career, loving cartoons, ProStars,Cops, True Crime,...

Mar 21, 2017

February 24 - March 2, 1990

Today Ken welcomes Actor/Writer Brice Beckham to the show.

Ken and Brice discuss Ken annoying Brice, The Challenger disaster, TV Movies, "Too soon", Rob Stone, hosting Saturday Morning Preview Specials, The Gummy Bears, Disney TV, Pound Puppies, starting as a radio ad man, Daws Butler, Dave...

Mar 14, 2017

In the first (and maybe only) mini-episode of TV Guidance Counselor Investigates, Ken explores the strange case of Mr. Rogers vs. The KKK

Mar 14, 2017

Today Ken welcomes Don Stratley and Phil Hopkins of The Film Detective to the show.

Ken, Don and Phil discuss the wonders of stumbling on things, regional television, The Combat Zone, the case for curation, Horror Hosts, Simon's Sanctorum, Dana Hersey, The Movie Loft, TV38, Ask the Manager, shared experience, Cult...