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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Dec 29, 2016

For the final episode of 2016 Ken welcomes one of his personal heroes to the show, Steve Albini.

Ken and Steve define and deny latch key children, and discuss growing up in the Midwest, UHF vs VHF,seeing the Lawrence Welk show as your first experience with color TV, outdated technology and entertainment, telegraphs, The...

Dec 27, 2016

May 17-23, 1980

Today Ken welcomes comedian Dhaya Lakshminarayanan to the show.

Ken and Dhaya discuss Dedham, MA, yards of beer, poutine, local flavor, Friendly's, the origins of Sundaes, San Francisco, MIT, schools on the Red Line, The Jeffersons, Birmingham Alabama, growing up the child of immigrants, racial slurs,...

Dec 22, 2016

Today Ken welcomes actor Donovan Scott (Police Academy, Popeye, Sheena) to the show.

Ken and Donovan discuss California weather, Robin Hood, San Francisco, playing as a kid, why Saturday was the best day, cartoons, Popeye, The Little Rascals, Laurel and Hardy, Lassie, Fury, The Wonderful World of Disney, a life in the...

Dec 21, 2016

April 26th - May 2, 1997

Today Ken welcomes comedian and Roast Battle Champion Mike Lawrence to the show.

Ken and Mike discuss teenage years, the 13th floor, being stuck in a Fraternity Conference, The McGinley Curse, Married...with Children, watching TV with Dad, television's role with divorced parents, the horrors of...

Dec 15, 2016

In this very special Holiday Episode Ken welcomes returning guest Myq Kaplan to the show to discuss the Jewish television experience around the Holidays.

Ken and Myq discuss their friendship, returning, vegan squeaky toys, turkey trots, contraception vs conceptual, Howie Mandel's rubber glove incident, neglecting the...