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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Oct 31, 2022

Look-In January 16-23, 1988

This week Ken welcomes comedian and co-host of the Cheap Show Podcast, Paul Gannon.

Ken and Paul discuss how they first met, the Geek Night Out live show, having strange interests, the history of television in the UK, how Paul loved board games, Party Til You Puke, Radio Times, TV Times, The Jr. TV Times, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV, regional UK programming, Thames TV, LWT, Angelica TV, the phenomenon of UK Annuals, US Comic Book annuals, Alan Moore, NOW Comics, Ralph Snart, The Ghostbusters, Star Comics, Charlton Comics, Marvel UK, Cannon and Ball, Worzel Gummidge, Michael Crawford, Some Mothers Do Ave Em, Man About the House, exporting comedy, UK Movies based on UK Sitcoms, Stella Street, On the Buses, Sapphire and Steel, Street Hawk, Wuzzles, Disney TV animation, No. 72, Tiswas, SMTV, loving Cat Deeley, aHa, Bros, Five Star, skinheads, breaking sausage news, Whetabix, stealing the Gillete logo, The Trap Door, Jonathan Ross, hating Mick Hucknall, Masters of the Universe, Airwolf, quizzes, The A-Team, Argos, Service Merchandise, the strangeness of UK TV schedules, Ghost Busters Jeans, Roger Ramjet, bookleg Garfield, writing letters to complain about Scooby Doo, and strange drawings of Miriam d'abo.