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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jan 21, 2015

May 10-16, 1986

This week Ken welcomes writer and comedian Anthony Scibelli.

Ken and Anthony discuss Ken's home, the secrets of Anthony's birth, John Lennon's Death, Cheers by Jack Davis, watching TV every night of the week, PBS, Will Eisner's Spirit,   the 90s being the lowest point in comic book history, Ken's fights with children at a screening of the first Spider-Man, all night 3-D movie marathons, Gimme a Break, Charles Grodin, Miss Hollywood vs. Jules Feiffer, anthology shows, Amazing Stories, meeting Sid Caesar, Mr. Ed is eternal, how Wikipedia ruined Ken's social life, why Ken never does pop culture jokes in his stand up comedy, striking out in T-Ball leading to homophobic slur induced assault, Nick at Nite, Car 54 Where Are You?, Drinking with Donna Reed, rejecting the previous generations popular culture, Fighting Back with David Horowitz, Carl Reiner, NBC paying tribute to NBC, hating Milton Berle, female puppeteers, The Eflman clan, CBS Monday Night lineup gold, Nova, Tia Carrerre's relative age, Who's the Boss, Ken's weird Donna Dixon situation, Boi-oi-oing, Pizza is key to a 'Burbs/Neighbors Double Feature, Joe Piscapoe's little loved SNL characters, Ken's first movie review, never having seen Jaws, Growing Pains and the undead, Super Star Show and Bob Dylan, 3-D Pornography, old Jewish Comedians, cocaine, The Wall of Celebrity Biographies, Highway to Heaven, Anthony's laughter induced asthma, Blacke's Magic, Scott Valentine, Godzilla 1985, disfigured monsters, The Last Precinct, and being kind to the elderly.