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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

May 19, 2021

This week author Scott Ryan returns for a THIRD time to discuss his new book A Moonlighting Oral History.

Scott and Ken discuss The Wonder Years, ABC in the 80s, Reagan's deregulation, ABC Circle Films, shows produced by networks, endless budgets, hour long dramadies, Cybill Sheppard, Bruce Willis, ratings, movie stars, Die Hard, the insane production schedule of Moonlighting, breaking the fourth wall, murder mysteries, innovation through mistakes, Remington Steele, Detective shows, breaking ground, I Married Dora, series finales, being sad that your own show was picked up, Alan Arkish, Curtis Armstrong, Will They Won't They?, backstage stuff, Clean and Sober, song rights, subsidizing corporations, streaming mysteries, Spenser for Hire, IMDB TV, SCTV, asking for anything, messing up the DVDs, not promoting Orson Wells, and the ongoing trauma of the people who worked on Moonlighting.