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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Mar 18, 2019

This week Ken welcomes BACK to the show (after appearing on a live edition at last year's Women in Comedy festival) comedian Erin Maguire.

Ken and Erin discuss Ken's odd carnival prizes, East Coast anxiety, Psychic Storefronts, Arlington mobs, lottery studio, accents, nicknames, The Winter Hill Gang, SATs, five and dime stores, Boston's WHDH kid's show "Ready to Go", New Kids on the Block, Heathcliff, The Three Stooges, Roof Kids, Scott Grimes, two gingers, Night Life, Joey McIntire, Spenser Gifts, The Meadow Glen Mall, airbrushed sweatshirts, Wild Cards, Orange Julius, citrus cankers, Papa Gino's, dangerous childhood birthday parties, carving stations, ODing on Horse Radish, make up mirrors, California Games, the KenCade, surfing, Kathy Griffin's haircut, Matthew Broderick, Bay Coven, Halloween, Space Camp, aliases, day drinking, bars, no Irish food, The Storyteller, Jim Henson, Pam Dobber, Newhart, Maddie Grimes, Moonlighting, The 'burbs, Cheers, Night Court, the best episode of Highway to Heaven, Stoogemania, Ken's African Grey, the Curly Shuffle, anxiety, exercise, cultural movements, latex, tribute acts, Zima, dropping Jolly Ranchers, Disney Monster Hits, circuses, Emma Samms' unfolding flower, and how Ken's dog Larry is a NARC for kisses.