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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Feb 25, 2019

Today Ken welcomes screenwriter, director and actor Guinevere Turner to the show.

Ken and Guinevere discuss growing up in the Lyman Family, Ryan Walsh's Astral Weeks, Mel Lyman's Lords List of movies, not being allowed to watch TV, being obsessed with Dallas, The Twilight Zone, being the keeper of the commercial clicker, The Three Stooges, M*A*S*H, refusing to acknowledge Daylight Savings, getting TV Guide, Go Fish, making a movie for lesbians, falling in love with Kermit the Frog, Charles Manson, Bettie Paige, the 90s obsession with serial killer before it went mainstream, American Psycho, watching things wrong, watching E.T. every day, Hellzapoppin, how there's no context on Twitter, being scared of scary things, My Bloody Valentine, Dragnet, The Findlay's movie "Snuff", Killing Eve, Danse Macabre, On Writing, partying with Leo and ending up with his vacation photos, hating people touching you without permission on a set, sucking so much that people think you are sick, Dick Cheney's heart, finding the humanity in a monster, why "Stone Cold" is the single greatest action movie of all time, short actors, Preaching to the Perverted, being in pain due to wardrobe, getting mistaken for Parker Posey, MTV, screenplays, and being the queen of darkness.