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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jan 13, 2019

March 23-29, 1996

Today Ken welcomes actor Ayden Mayeri to the show.

Ken and Ayden discuss the Bette Davis estate, seltzer, Polar, famous noses, the 90s and the 60s, Nick at Nite, SNL, separate beds, references in comedy, the 1996 Telecommunications Act, syndication, reality TV, the horrors of deregulation, local weird late night TV, preachers on TV, prank calling Church TV, growing up in wine country, Pastor Scott, calling people's parents by accident, growing up an only child, learning how families are supposed to be through television, Parenthood, Growing Pains, reusing the High School set from Head of the Class on Boy Meets World, Saved by the Bell, Saved by the Max, Ferguson on Clarissa Explains it All, child actors, famous people from your town, being a mermaid in a shampoo commercial, insomnia, enjoying the quiet late night hours, Insomniac, Undressed, being confounded by Furries, foot fetishes, the weird through nature of your fetishized body parts appearing on very specific web sites, going totally offline, all of the weird drugs that came out in 1996, Hisminol, The Real World, renting the Real World L.A. house, Andy Warhol's curse, the Olympics, Summer Sanders, Kids Game Shows, frozen pipes, growing up in a house full of pets, skunks, Sister Sister, hating shock humor and roasts, hating being hateful, awards shows, The Golden Globes, LOVING the VMAs and the MTV Movie Awards, loving coming of age High School movies, Scream, Alex Strangelove, All That!, Speechless, Freaks & Geeks, The Wonder Years, My So-Called Life, knowing things are shot in L.A. can ruin it, being an extra, things filmed in Boston, having never been to Canada, trying to remember what won the Oscars in 1996, Party of Five, the wonder and the pain of snow days, Dead at 21, Jack Noseworthy, Whip Hubley, TV class war fare, Friends, Daisy Fuentes and Richard Marx taking down a guy on an airplane, I Love Lucy, Sandy Duncan, Second Noah, Roseanne's winking two Beckys acknowledgement, Howard Stern, and funeral tributes on ice.