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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Oct 22, 2018

October 1-7, 1988

Today Ken welcomes the multi-talented podcaster, actor, producer Megan Duffy to the show.

Ken and Megan discuss the Hollywood Hills, what it takes to give an Uber drive one star, Midnight Caller, Almost Grown, Roseanne, Paradise, Murphy Brown, Boston Common, Boston Public, growing up in Springfield MA, the boring homogeneity of Suburbia, Two Guys A Girl and a Pzza Place, Red Sox vs Dodger, the wonders of Judith Light, the weirdness of Nightmare on Elm St Freddy Kruger toys, the Blumhouse Halloween party, Isabelle Adjani in Possession, best Halloween costumes, cheerleaders, dancing, The Patty Duke Show, Nick at Nite, music and wine for cats, cooking, the magic of potatoes, Liberace, the weirdness of actors, being a producer, Alf, It's Gary Shandling Show, Tracy Ullman, Skeeter vs. Scooter on the Muppets, American Top 40 Long Distance Dedications, Flowers in the Attic, Ken's high school quest to perfect a Sugar Cookie recipe, the pure sex of Billy Idol's Rebel Yell, Samantha Fox's Now I Lay Me Down, Columbo, John Cassavettes acting career, the evil of Cosby, being scalded to death in the shower, 48 Hours, why there are no genius serial killers, The Spader Tapes, loving trapeze artists, and what we would do in the circus.