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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Sep 10, 2018

Today Ken welcomes artist, writer and comic book legend Bob McLeod to the show.

Ken and Bob discuss Comic Conventions, sketches, satirizing Westworld for Crazy magazine, parody,growing up in Florida, Westerns, Flipper, Mad Magazine, starting as an Inker, the Bronze age of marvel comics, pasting page numbers, Joe Orlando telling you you need to go back to school to learn how to draw, cartoons, cartooning, funny animals, being terrified of Manhattan, Kojack, Streets of San Francisco, Dragnet, not talking down to kids, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Jack Kirby, trying to learn storytelling, the Marvel Method, The New Mutants, the original concept of Sunspot, when characters lose their uniqueness, drawing people who look like yourself, superhero cartoons, high volume and low visibility, Conan, Barry Windsor Smith, when your kids aren't interested in your job, Howard the Duck, Gene Colon, Harvey Comics, the new New Mutants movie, The Superhero ABCs, Mort Drucker, Marlon Brando as Tarzan, keeping your own artwork, why The Incredibles is the perfect super hero movie, and the current state of big screen comics.