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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Nov 13, 2017

May 31 - June 8, 1980

Ken welcomes back to the show TV Guidance Counselor Legend John Hodgman.

Ken and John discuss dream jobs, The Coolidge Corner Theater, Vacationland, Boston, Halloween Specials, Rosemary's Baby, all night movie marathons as a kid, The Evil Dead, The Movie Loft, Friday the 13th, Dana Hersey, The Canned Film Fest, being an only child, having your own apartment in your parents' house, Weird Al Yankovic being the best, The Big Slick in Kansas City, levels of fame, Paul F. Tompkins's bit, leaving it all on the field, true showmanship, Levar Burton's secrets, Bozo the Clown, Candlepins for Cash, passive aggressive gameshow hosts, being embarrassed to be on TV, SCTV, Sale of the Century, Robert Urich, Vegas, artwork of yourself, when Flash Gordon fought the Incredible Hulk, Robert McKenzie's love of Here's Boomer, Jeff Goldblume's jazz show, Bart Braverman, Wednesdays, Happy Days, Zoom, The Gong Show, Oingo Boingo, Doctor Who, WGBX 44, You Wrote It You Watch It, Sha Na Na, the LIVE! event at the Coolidge Corner, being pressed for time, Daniel Kitson, John's Book, having a show on WMFO as a teenager, Harold and Maude, celebrity encounters, Roger Corman's love of free popcorn, The Gone with the Wind basement, Stop Making Sense, stalking celebrities, John's boat, city vs. country, why Mainers want to be left alone, phone calls from David Horowitz, snap judgement, questions for John, Ken's old punk band, becoming a writer, ukuleles, Roadrunner and standing ovations.