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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

May 24, 2017

January 20 - February 1, 1991

Today Ken welcomes comedian, podcaster and television personality Jonah Ray to the show.

Ken and Jonah discuss mannequins in car dealerships, The Superbowl, how sports leads to day drinking, Sportsball, human Guess Who, Kevin Meaney, Steven Webber in The Shining, Frank from Murphy Brown, Wings, Tracy Ullman, Oceanic Cable, Hawaii, Tales from the Crypt, Dawn of the Dead, Hidden America, when pranks become assault, horror bros, the golden age of VHS, customizing a Mall Madness game into a Dawn of the Dead game, SNL, when Fox TV owned Sundays, Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Bud Bowl, In Living Color, Pump Up the Volume, surprise boobs, Kube, Get a Life, getting lost in the parody, Cosby, moving to CT in a van with Tony Danza, why Jonah unfollows Ken on Instagram often, crew jackets, stunt men bars, Horror in Hawaii, The Wonder Years, Daniel Stern, meeting Fred Savage, Whip It, Growing Pains, Boston's constant aggression, meatball fights, Doogie Howser's theme song, San Pedro, punk bands, F.Y.P., The Flash vs. Beverly Hills 90210, Full House, Perfect Strangers, Mel Brooks, David Cronenberg, Seinfeld, JV Award Shows and Jonah's reboot of Renegade.