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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Sep 23, 2016

January 14-20, 1978

Today Ken welcomes comedian, actor, writer and fake internet judge John Hodgman to the show.

Ken and John discuss John's love of the Wilbur Theater, how good cold marble feels on your armpits, The Combat Zone, tunnels, nudie bars, questing for a Quest for Fire, Brookline as The Vatican, Videosmith, Doug Loves Movies, Jim Gaffigan's wasteful performance rider, washing dishes in a gay restaurant, throwing your parents out of the house, Strawberries, Filene's Concert secrets, Detroit airport secrets, The Westin, Werewolves as Football Players, Charles Addams, The Superbowl, drawing Tippy, the sadness of your grandmother writing disco songs, Venus Flytraps, Toyota Celica, The Muppets, Edward Gorey's words of wisdom, self taught clarinet mysteries, nightmare inducing basements, Spenser for Hire, imported beer, the class system of Cheers, the completely illogical motivations of Daredevil, Tabitha, latch key Bewitched, WLVI TV56, WSBK's The Movie Loft, TV38 sadness, We Don't Knock, uncut movies, Petticoats, Plenty Uptopp, Tony Randall, Chesty Morgan, Love Sydney, Love Boat, cliffhangers, Super Night at The Super Bowl, variety shows, Pearl Bailey, Colombo pigskin, cannibal cruise ships, Friends as the new Brady Bunch, 00s nostalgia speculation, and hunting Sha-Na-Na.