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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jun 16, 2016

Summer Scare-A-Con Special!

Today Ken speaks with legendary Exploitation movie scholar Joe Bob Briggs and the Mads of MST3k Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff.

First up Ken talks to Joe Bob Briggs (TNT's Monstervision, Joe Bob's Drive In Theater). Ken and Joe Bob talk about the horrors of Springfield, classic sleazy neighborhoods, Help Reviews, being introduced to The Howling 7, anonymous oddities, Samurai Cop, Robert Z'Dar, Joe Bob's Media Blssters commentary tracks, the missteps of modern social media movie promotion, growing up in Texas/Tex-Arcana, Little Rock, going to a Drive-in as a family, Saturday Night at the Movies, The Three Stooges, terrifying children's TV show Slam Bang Theater, Ghoulardi's pyromania, Ernie Anderson, Zacherly, becoming a scholar of the un-scholarly, Roger Corman, the secret origin of the Drive In Totals, how The Intruder actually truly never lost money, mining talent, Angie Dickinson, putting TV actors in movies, little Ronny Howard, The Movie Channel, Robert Osborne, sitting on the Honeymooners set at the DuMont Network, Bette Davis, TNT's Monstervision, guesting on The Tonight Show, how WCW almost had the first gay wedding, post-pub TV, being popular in prisons, infomercials, the exciting emerging world of streaming networks, big money in TV sports, Variety Shows, the TV mini-series, and the impressive skill set of today's TV writers.

Next up Ken chats with MST3k's Mads Trace Beaulieu (Crow, Dr. Clayton Forester) and Frank Conniff (TV's Frank). Ken, Trace and Frank talk the female McHale's Navy, watching things because they are on, network sign offs, the Patriotic nature of shutting down, terrifying PSA's, smoking in bed, memorizing TV shows, being a repository of information in the pre-internet age, Frank's guilty feelings of sneaking Garrison's Gorillas behind a curtain, the wonders of Color TV, Batman '66, the retirement of Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp, Sgt. Bilko, the genius of Nat Hiken, Latin lessons, ass learnin', shared experience leading to life long friends, SCTV, the continuity of MST3k, having to love the worst movies, The Mads tour, Rifftrax reunion, made for TV movies, Jack Davis, the wonders of Mad Magazine, and loving UK TV.