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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jun 3, 2015

November 26 - December 2, 1994

This week Ken welcomes artist and comedian Val Kappa to the show.

Ken and Val discuss Ellen's inexplicable success, living in a cableless society, Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson impersonators, Country music, Ken's encounter with Cyndi Lauper, Paula Abdul, My Girl, bee fears, Ken's Star Wars vomit, killer Yogurt in The Stuff, Before they were Stars, Father of the Bride, Hombre Mayor, seeing Basic Instinct with your parents, Splatter: The Architects of Fear, Fresh Prince, Susan Powter, Ken's encounters with Tony Little, Scott Baio and Tom Oldham at malls, Blossom, My Two Dads, having your own TV in your room, teenagers talking on the phone for hours talking about nothing, The Simpsons, calling radio stations, the myth of the radio request line, KISS 108, 101.7 WFNX (RIP), Ted Turner, Emerson College, the fate of the second Kenneth W. Reid, Ken's alter ego "Dave", Phyllis Diller,  being stuck in an elevator with a pregnant woman, placenta buckets, holding a baby, kitten birth ruining a perfectly good Pee Wee Herman sleeping bag, Murphy Brown, loving the Silly character, London Underground, Make Me Laugh on Comedy Central, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, Madonna's lost innocence, Wendy Malik, The Bionic Woman, Frosty, Christmas traditions, the tears induced by "Up", genocide in the Transformers movie, Models Inc, My So-Called Life, exotic red heads, the pain of having your favorite show canceled, hating ABC, Juliana Hatfield, The Higgins Boys and Gruber, Family Matters, The X-Files and the short lived acting career of Geraldo Rivera.