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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Mar 21, 2017

February 24 - March 2, 1990

Today Ken welcomes Actor/Writer Brice Beckham to the show.

Ken and Brice discuss Ken annoying Brice, The Challenger disaster, TV Movies, "Too soon", Rob Stone, hosting Saturday Morning Preview Specials, The Gummy Bears, Disney TV, Pound Puppies, starting as a radio ad man, Daws Butler, Dave Coulier as Richard Pryor, guesting starring on Alice, how small a TV studio seems when you first see it in person, Mr. Belvedere, growing up in Long Beach, staying out of the "teen actor" cliche game, mid-season replacements, S.O.S. (Save Our Shows), The "Manny" subgenre, Barney Miller, Bob Ueker, tone shifts, "Very Special Episodes", AIDS, The Hogan Family, the cruel Valerie producers, "Wesley's Friend", gallows humor, Network Upfronts, learning the ins and outs of the odd Network Affiliate system, ABC-TV, the Camp Counselor episode, Family Matters, Just the Ten of Us, having a crush on the Lubbock Babes, Growing Pains, 20th Century Fox, Sunset Gower Studios, It's Gary Shandling Show, Sister Kate, I Married Dora, 4th Wall Breaking mind blowers, The Charmings, Family Ties, Michael J. Fox, American Dreamer, Robert Urich, Boston's lies, Spencer for Hire, Dolly, the Dolly Parton Variety show from 1987, stage work, Charles in Charge, Monty Python, Kids in the Hall, Mr. Show, I Hate My 30s, Animal Crack-Ups, Teen Win, Lose or Draw!, Hollywood Squares, Ken's favorite episode of Burn Notice, Mike Horowitz, Edinburgh Festival's Carnal Desire, Soft-Core TV, writing for Richard Roundtree, being a movie buff, being a loner, switchblade combs, endorsement deals from Nike, Two Teens and a Baby, gangs dance fighting, Maureen Flannigan, Kirk, Jodie Sweetin, Casey Ellison the hardest working kid in showbiz, Twin Peaks, The Outsiders, loving B-Horror, Up All Night, TCM, AMC, Paranormal Activity, Terrorvision, Nick at Nite, and an education from cable tv.