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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Dec 16, 2018

September 18-24, 1994

Today Ken welcomes writer Jilly Gagnon.

Ken and Jilly discuss eldercare, annual news reports, not realizing how much TV you consumed as a kid, growing up sans cable, The Legend of Zelda, side quests, Goonies 2, NES, Tri-Force tattoos, Gannons, Friday the 13th, news paper TV week, breaking the toaster oven style, Minneapolis, the Dr. Quinn and Walker Texas Ranger Date Night, Central Time, French Fries and Frosties, Toby McGuire, Eddie Furlong, banning the Simpsons, forbidden Married...with Children, shielding your children from shows about poor people, Superman, open fridge policies, Fluffernutters, Lois & Clark, 5th of Five, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, a 50/50 Heathers to Martha Dumptruck quotient, America's Love affair with truckers, Beyond Belief, The Nanny, non-perms, half siblings, Somerville, Bio-dome, ER, Chicago, Rescue 911, Home Improvement, puppeteering Wilson, Touching Touched by an Angel, not being famous enough for The Grove, Hate Farters, My So-Called Life, why Step by Step had the best theme song on TGIF, Man From Atlantis, overlooking mental health issues to make good reality TV, and Thanking Satan because it sucks.