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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jul 29, 2015

July 22 -27, 1978

This week Ken welcomes writer, comedian and master storyteller Kevin Allison to the show.

Ken and Kevin discuss crazy things in your home leading to murderous theories, living in Pee Wee's Playhouse, Jesuit High School leading to a lack of television watching, falling asleep with Citizen Kane, pyromania, watching classics on TV, Night of the Living Dead, Leonard Maltin's books, Understanding Movies, Cincinnati, OH, The Boys in the Band, Catholicism,  William Friedkin into gay stuff, stumbling onto life changing media, Marilu Henner, Dukes of Hazard, hatred of sports, going to the Opera, being introduced to television and culture by your father, being terrified of The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, PBS and Monty Python, scary music, The Muppet Show, The Electric Company, MTV, Liquid Television, watching TV at school, New Zoo Review, Catholic TV, ABC Sunday Night Movie, Roots, The Thorne Birds, Pulp Novels, The Exorcist, 70s obsession with the supernatural, Satanism,  hypnotism, The Bionic Man, buying a Betamax VCR in 1980, Playboy on TV, Three's Company, "The Jiggle Factor", banning Love American Style, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, The Love Boat, early fan fiction, grindhouse movies, Basket Case, Dawn of the Dead, Choir camp in NYC, Paul Lynde, Soap, The Jeffersons, jewel thieves, Bigfoot, brain washing, 70s obsession with the 50s, House of Style, 90s MTV, Ken Marino, The Brady Bunch, Bobby Brady teaching you you are gay, The State, Love Sydney, You Wrote It You Watch It, Who Bob Dylan is, Taco Man, Squirt TV, The Gong Show, Dick Cavet, Amy Schumer, outrage culture, when great art falls through the cracks, and the horror of the Sleestacks.