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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jul 22, 2015

January 21-27, 1984

This week Ken welcomes DJ, improver and former co-worker Greg Wymer to the show.

Ken and Greg discuss Greg's excitement, the disappointment of laser light shows, game show hosts, evening editions of day time game shows, Diff'rent Strokes, twins, Dixie Carter, unsold pilots, Ken's wife's hatred of Claire Grogan, Love Boat, Harlem Globetrotters, Bill Cullen: Favorite Game Show Host, Dolph Lundgren's MIT lie, Mama's Family, Sneak Previews, Dack Rambo, WFNX, Ken as Brian Benben, Superbowl Sunday, Gary Coleman's 200 IQ, gambling, Life Styles of the Rich and Famous, the early days of VCRs, James Bond, playing your own son, Airwolf, Iron Eagle, The Meatballs series, Mazes & Monsters, Washington D.C., MTV's Remote Control, Susan Stafford, PBS's Think Twice, a taste of real fame, Greg's Pee Wee's Big Adventure related mortifying moment, That's Incredible, Danny Cooksey, Bloopers and Practical Jokes, Made for TV Movies, Burt Renoylds' dark period, Spaghetti Westerns, The A-Team, Kim Richards, Three's Company, Remington Steele, Madeline Khan's short lived sitcom, Real People, WKRP, SCTV's final season, The State of the Union, Reagan's ruining of television, Automan, Gimme a Break, giving away your kids upon your death, Tom Hanks as Uncle Ned the drunk, Family Ties, hosting karaoke at the real Cheers, laserdisc, sciolists, Mike Hammer, Buffalo Bill, Dabney Coleman, the Beast Within, Benson, Ken's undying love for Barbara Stock, Legmen, Dukes of Hazard, and the long strange history of the Master.