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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jul 15, 2015

June 9-15, 1990

This week Ken welcomes Boston comedian and bear enthusiast Andrew Mayer to the show.

Ken and Andrew discuss mermaids, The New Mission Impossible, writing strikes, re-using old scripts, Andrew's insane father, living in a valley in the middle of nowhere with no cable, civil salt peter, USA Saturday Nightmares, Zombie Nightmare, not fearing the reaper enough, Janet Jackson, just going with the titles, Beauty and the Beast, America's Funniest Most Wanted, model planes, Nick at Nite but never Bewitched, weird mid-Atlantic accents, the Tin Man's classic Boston accent, Championship Ballroom Dancing, MacGuyver, Locker Posters, burning off pilots, the problems or murder, liking strange sports, foam, roller skating, the best Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, Star Trek, home-made Halloween costumes, Rescue 911, Ken's obsession with the accordion, cheating at Skip-It, corny laugh track sitcoms, Spin City, Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place, Nickelodeon's Fifteen, thinking the Wonder Years is boring, NBA Finals, Beyond 2000, The NBA, 80s lady stand up comedians, Jake and the Fatman, Growing Pains, What a Dummy!, Circus of the Stars, Cosby Show, Eagle and the Bear, The Mystery of choosing Mystery! over Cheers, Perfect Strangers, Just the Ten of Us, and having never seen "The Bear".