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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Dec 18, 2023

November 17-23, 2001

This week Ken welcomes UK coomedian, actor and official member of the Doctor Whoverse, Sooz Kempner to the show.

Ken and Sooz discuss being outside of the zones of London, Gatwick Airport, how nothing good is ever on TV on Sundays in the UK, Omnibuses, Eastenders, Gladiators, Wolf's gyms, This Morning with Richard Not Judy, Stewart Lee and Richard Herring, Richard and Judy, getting away with stuff on kids shows, Pooh, Ken's Mr. Show bowling shirt, recording babies' dreams, Brexit, how homelessness is a bigger problem than fresh veggies, how UK and Canadian comics always want to make it in American despite being successful in their home countries, traveling to Maine to visit your German Grandfather, Stephen King, nice versions of Threads, Watership Down, David the Gnome, When The Wind Blows, visiting New York city with no money but seeing as many Broadway Shows as you can, The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Sting's amazing Broadway musical, singing waiters, Ken's 1st and only Thanksgiving not in America, John Edwards Crossing Over and trying to communicate with the victims of 9/11, prank calling Abu Hamza, the boon of live concerts on TV post 9/11, Brittney Spears, being completely overwhelmed by TV Guide, Showgirls, Skinemax, The Simpsons, satellite TV, Sky Digital, Lenox's Pooh Pantry, sad teddy bears, sexy Lucy Lawless on The X-Files, the weird post 9/11 horniness, Comic Sans font, Seven of 9, Jeri Ryan, Down to You, She's All That, all the millennium pushing teen movies nobody cares about anymore, Soul Man, the nature of tangents, Giuliani, hating ferrets, porcelain eagles, all bears on deck, how hands replaced with bear is never a funny pun, Take That, Boy Bands, how violence is perfectly ok in TV, Coaches vs Cancer, NSYNC, and how It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is an amazing cure for temporary depression.