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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Dec 11, 2023

This week Ken welcomes podcaster, writer, and world traveler Adrien Behn to the show.

Ken and Adrien discuss New York City, growing up in Western MA/NY, people who have never left their hometown, pregnant hippies, life long friends, perusing a life in creative arts, being worldly, having more chickens than neighbors, Lake George, hating touristy spots, teenage identity crisis, doing study abroad programs, Czechs, Prague, Stalin, living in former Soviet Republics, interesting art and beauty, the first place you go to outside of your own country, the film industry in Prague, the "adult" industry in Prague, growing up without cable, Nickelodeon, MTV, binging in college, 9/11, when news takes over all channels, national disasters, negative shared experiences, naming your younger sibling Jessica after Mambo No. 5, all five Spice Girls at once, 30 Rock, Sex in the City, comfort TV, the shows that America exports, Exporting Raymond, the worldwide success of The Big Bang Theory, telenovelas, Croatian soaps, Turkish Soaps, enjoying being places that are not drenched in American culture, Japan, making bad and dangerous decisions while traveling, Albania, action flicks, how comedy doesn't travel, fleeing winter via Mexico City every year, Luchadores, Blue Demon, all soccer all the time, lack of passports in the US, America as a young patchwork culture, the strangeness of Patriotism, traveling to Canada for the first time, not speaking the language, watching Spanish TV so you can read and and hear it at the same time for educational purposes, Narcos, how you crave certain movies and shows, being in the mood to watch certain things, Anthony Bourdain, Obama's pho trip, Vietnam, and how we ALL need to travel more.