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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jul 31, 2022

March 12-18, 1988

This week Ken welcomes musician, fellow punk kid, and front man of Michael Kane and the Morning Afters (who's new record Broke But Not Broken is great), Mike Kane.

Ken and Mike discuss growing up in Worcester, divorce, Kevin Can Go F*@k Himself, how great Wayne is, working in an arcade, Judith Light, MediaPlay, gang fights, seeing people beaten with bats, living in a used record store, tapes, not being able to just leave things in the wild, Elvis Costello, the first comic Ken ever bought, TableTalk Pies, Mary Tonnacocaine, Dennis the Menace, The New Mr. Wilson, cartoon guest stars, Nick at Nite, President style names, is TV getting worse?, feeling old, Generic Price and Bold Flavor, cigarettes, Skor Bars, gummy candies, David Copperfield, Peter Gabriel and magicians, Punk Brewster and "The Gift", Women in Prison, Alan/Miles, Saturday Night's Main Event, Worcester Centrum, Brutus The Barber Beefcake, being slightly less dirtbag than your average kid, Brian Bosnell and the Ataris, The People's Choice Awards, Ken's hatred of Led Zeppelin, The Terminator, Eddie and the Cruisers, Ken's vow to never forgive Baby Jessica, dating Adult Jessica, Jessie Camp, MTV contests, why Perfect Strangers is the best theme song to belt out, covering TV Themes, Ken's dislike of Cocksparrer, arguing with Alf, Christopher Lloyd in The Dictator, WKRP in Cincinnati, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Eddie Deezen, Growing Pains, Head of the Class, Just the Ten of Us, Grease, defending the Cosby Show without defending Cosby, Richard Moll: Dungeonmaster, how unusual bald people on TV was, Lionel Richie's Dancing on the Ceiling, Kenny Rogers, Dad tapes, Eddie Murphy, Bronson Pinchot, the origins of the "horny older lady", how it's ok to be a nurse, Mr. Belvedere, the audience participation episode of Matlock, complaining about the loss of Chuck Connors on Werewolf, and Alf (pictured right).