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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jan 3, 2021

RTE Guide December 17-30, 1983

This week Ken kicks off 2021 right as he welcomes Irish stand up comedian, television hose and space enthusiast Dara Ó Briain to the show.

Ken and Dara discuss the horrors of doing stand up via Zoom, remote work, Mock the Week, Battleship, hosting children's TV, traumatizing a generation of children, telescopes, learning one Presidential secret, having your donations rejected, Ireland getting stuff before England, who shot JR, missing all references to US TV, not getting late night shows, Smothers Brothers, The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Richard Nixon on Laugh In, Cracked vs. Mad, WKRP in Cincinnati, laugh track sitcoms, the 80s via the 50s, the Ultimate Destination that is America, Florida, Vietnam Vets, War on TV vs actually living in a Warzone, being Irish Irish vs American Irish, having a lot of time for JFK but less than in Boston, The Late Late Toy Show, how amazing the Late Late Toy Show is, The RTE Guide, Christmas Day, Irish songs, doing an "Irish" Comedy Night at the Improv in LA, Flash Gordon, Billy Connolly, Christmas with the Boston Pops, how America is inherently Cinematic, Sprawl, London, how weird America is, having no "local", not being a walking country, having seen everything in America without ever visiting, Dating Amber, Love/Hate, Spaced, The Young Ones, flat shares, Shaun of the Dead, changing your name to the name of the street you live on, Dark, Fringe, sci-fi, The Last Exit, buying t shirts and caps of logos of companies in Sci-Fi, The Thing, and the glory of putting Easter Eggs in your own life.