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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Dec 7, 2020

September 21-27, 1996

This week the TV Guide meets The TV Guidance Counselor as Must Have Seen TV's Brett White joins Ken to discuss Returning Favorites circa 1996.

Ken and Brett discuss Long Island, lockdown depression, action figures, The X-Men, New Mutants, Marvel Continuity, Mad Men, Bewitched, Decider, Full House, Fuller House, visiting sets, Home Improvement, childhood lists, making your own Top 40, being barred from watching MTV, smoking, the blown out 90s, returning favorites, Married...with Children, Second Noah, Jeff Foxworthy, Dr. Phil, shot on video vs shot on film, Newhart, Drew Carey Show, Baywatch Nights, Kevin Sorbo, Renegade, USA Network, live action Saturday Mornings, hacking the X-Men Cartoon, Walker Texas Ranger, Night Stand with Dick Dietrick, MST3k, Sci-Fi Channel, Talk Soup, good Streaming Services, SNL edits, Dean Cain, taking whatever comic book stuff you could get, tape trading, arguing with kids online, classic commercial compilations, Road Rules, The Real World, Mad About You, Third Rock from the Sun, Something So Right, the enormous amount of women writers on Home Improvement, Ellen's Coming Out episode, Space Above and Beyond, farces, Friends, was Joey Gladstone a good stand up comedian?, E.R., Stevil, Ken's war with Kane Hodder, TGIF, Martin Mull sexy man, and the origins of the Ninja Turtles on Oprah tape.