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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Nov 23, 2019

This week Ken welcomes actor, director, poet, author and painter Paul Michael Glaser to the show.

Ken and PMG discuss getting lost in L.A., going to grad school, avoiding Vietnam, Boston Winters, doing theater in New York, tending bar, the CBS Milk Barn, under fives, Fiddler on the Roof, "Death at an Early Age", 1968, Charley, The Night James Brown Saved Boston, the union problem, Miami Vice, Starsky and Hutch, Running Man, Amazons, made for TV movies, playing Houdini, almost drowning in the water torture chamber, playing historical figures, the massive fame that came with a hit network TV show in the 1970s, Tevia, doing art for you, how boring film sets can be, re working stunt scenes, the nature of stories, shock humor, stand up comedy, social media, robbing society of our interpersonal skills, the book "Perfume", Band of the Hand, Richard Dawson, The Cutting Edge, casting Moira Kelly, painting, writing poetry, trying to get back to oneness, Kazaam!, working Shaq, consciousness, trying to find an understanding of why we're here, The Edge of Wimsey, and the power of contradiction.