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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Aug 5, 2019

June 2-8, 1990

This week Ken talks with writer, comedian and musician Ariane Sherine on his recent trip to London.

Ken and Ariane discuss England vs. America, writing for UK sitcoms in the US writer's room style, not being allowed to watch TV as a kid and sneaking, MacGuyver, Baywatch, The Cosby Show, writing on a sugar rush, hating the competition of jokes, Fraiser, UK vs US comedy, Connie Booth's psychotherapy, Fawlty Towers, Friends, The Good Wife, courtroom dramas, being banned on the BBC, atheism, how religious people often wish you death, god shows, death threats, being too old to be President, Ken's dislike of Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbin, trash TV, serial killers, outing nerdo-nazis, arguing all women are gay or bisexual, arousica, Baywatch, educational TV, how fame can make you lose your mind, USA's Saturday Nightmares, Tom Selleck, Season vs. Series, when US prime time action shows become UK kid's shows, the weirdness of Mormons, Stalin, The Wonder Years, music rights, getting expelled from school, befriending Duran Duran, asking members of the public random questions, Prime Minsters' Questions, the UK's history with race, Janet Jackson, Nasty Boys, Oprah's "In the Name of Self Esteem", Screen Wipe, allegory, and the rise and fall of MTV's Real World.