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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Nov 4, 2018

Today Ken welcomes actor, singer, and author of the memoir "Growing Up Fisher", Joely Fisher to the show.

Ken and Joely discuss her enormous group of children, TV wallpaper, the news, the way kids watch TV, how difficult it is the tell stories on social media, growing up with Connie Stevens, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, "Does TV Go Too Far?", Made for TV movies, "Someone I Touched", AIDS on TV, After School Special, why Ellen will never get rebooted, the wonders of multi-cam television, directing, Til Death, the loss of opening titles and end credits, Station 19, bothering people in public, Ken's interactions with Norman Lear, getting lost in the story, the new content hungry avenues of streaming media, rebooting Amazing Stories, the lost pilots, getting married on stage, Love American Style, Variety Shows, Reality TV, The Battle of the Network Stars, showing side boob, breaking preconceptions, Desperate Housewives, the failure of Ellen's last season, Last Man Standing, the 90s stand up comedian based sitcom boom, the essential nature of a good ensemble supporting cast, Grace Under Fire, being warned not to run on camera, Wild Card on Lifetime, being in the show Baby Bob and having it named one of the worst shows of all time by TV Guide, having a rival, and moving toward the future of storytelling.