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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Oct 3, 2017

October 6-12, 1984

Today Ken welcomes comedian Kendra Cunningham to the show.

Ken and Kendra discuss communist dance troupes, growing up in Milton, Dorchester, moving to the Cape, NKOTB, Pretty Boys, Chess King, Maurice the Pants Man, Brockton, Casey Affleck's Dunkin Donuts ad, wearing purple velvet, Leah Remeny, Paper Dolls, models, Love Boat, cocaine, cruise ships, Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous, Fatal Vision, Sweeps Week, Gin Blossoms, Carl Malden, Shelly Long, Cheers, Joan Rivers, Late Night Shows, Arsenio Hall, SNL, Stand Up Comedy, Bloopers and Practical Jokes, Richard Simmons, why Ken wants to mostly sit at home and watch movies with his Poodle, getting stuck in Jan Brady Voice, Kendra's sing speak, Ryan O'Neal, Killing Klaus Kinski, John Ritter's Wardrobe malfunction, Judith Light, World's Funniest Commercials, The Amnityville Horror, Spontaneous Human Combustion, Ball Lighting, In Search Of..., Arthur and Arthur II: On the Rocks, Parasitic Twins, New Edition, and Little People tough guys of Boston.