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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jul 20, 2016

Today Ken welcomes actress Lisa Wilcox (Nightmare on Elm St. 4 +5) to the show.

Ken and Lisa discuss the emotion of walking down memory lane,missing the simplicity of the TV Guide, catching up with the times,Twin Peaks, thirtysomething, Gilligan's Island, having two "goodTVs", Fantasy Island/Love Boat, odd family viewing, appointmenttelevision, Little House on the Prairie, growing up in Missouri,forsaking the medical field, high school M.A.S.H., Buddy Ebsen,being discovered by a Bowery Boys alum, The Beverly Hillbillies,being a flight attendant's daughter, having top notch packingskills, Wendy's commercials, UCLA, You Again, Hardcastle &McCormick, sharing a mailbox with JoAnn Willette, John Stamos, JackClugman, Mark Hamill, Watchers Reborn, meeting your heroes, Mr.Belvedere, acting style, Soap Opera acting, meeting Ed McMahon'scat, going to a Tonight Show taping, James Garner's truck, StarTrek, George Clooney, loving Dracula, Bela Lougosi: Pin-up,Nightmare on El St. 4, Ken's awkward discussion of Dean Koontz,Valerie vs. The Hogan Family, General Hospital, going from watchingthe Brady Bunch to playing Florence Henderson, Dobie Gillis,recreating the Family Feud set, the Monkees, the pleasures of afinished basement, Boy Meets World, wanting to live in a geniebottle, the terrifying confusion of modern technology, coming backto acting, the private vs. public life conflict and navigatingsocial media.