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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jul 22, 2016

Today Ken welcomes actor and filmmaker James Lorinz to the show.

Ken and James discuss the 1970s, growing up in Queens, Barney Miller, Gregory Ciera, killing hold up men, Valerie Harper's City, serious episodes, Good Times, Normal Lear, All in the Family, One Day at a Time, spending quality time with Talcum Powder, Mannix, being the Monster under the Castro Convertible, shooting on the lot, Tom Poston, Frankenhooker, Alan Young, Zsa Zsa Gabour, Unforgettable, testing pilots, Street Trash, parking spaces, your parents loving your dress, The Twilight Zone, pornographic aspirations, Louise Lasser, Woody Allen's sexual prowess, Mary Hartman, being perplexed by Dark Shadows, To Tell the Truth, SNL, Bill Boggs Midday Live, Price is Right, Room Service, the most awkward interview of James' life, Welcome Back Kotter, On the Rocks, Hogan's Heroes, Bing Crosby: Nazi Sympathizer, The San Pedro Beach Bums, Fish, collecting TV theme songs, film school, Richard Dawson, Bob Barker, Alice, One Day at a Time, Muhammad Ali, Modern Family, The Jerky Boys, Breaking Bad, The Honeymooners, The Odd Couple, Batman, The Munsters, Abbot and Costello, Superman, Jean Sheppard and a shared love of collecting old magazines.