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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jul 6, 2016

Today Ken welcomes writer/director/producer and former actressCheryl Pollak (Pump Up the Volume, The Heights, Hull High, My BestFriend's a Vampire)to the show.

Ken and Cheryl discuss Cheryl's surprise at Ken's fandom, HullHigh, being ahead of the times, The Heights, Cop Rock, My BestFriend's a Vampire, What's Alan Watching?, Live Shot, Alien Nation,wanting to be fired, Roomies, Jordache Jeans, Mama's Family,growing up in Texas, being the youngest, lawless households, TVsign offs, Davey and Goliath, modeling, the difficulty of comedy,Head of the Class, losing your accent, Night Life, working withJohn Astin, not watching yourself, CHiPs, Cross and theSwitchblade, pickle danger, The Hardy Boys, crushing ParkerStevenson, Sanford and Son, The Rockford Files, replacing castmembers, death on TV, Gilligan's Island as Cheryl's all timefavorite TV show, being creeped out by Alf, Back to the Beach, theSkipper's real name, RuPaul's Drag Race, Hogan's Heroes, RichardDawson, James Kirk and James West's odd similarities, Green Acres,Melrose Place, The Dallas Genie connection, educational shorts,weenie roasts, Larry Hagman, made-for-TV Movies, Swimsuit TheMovie, Perfect People, Dialing for Dollars, Three's Company, afterschool specials, Real People, relying on brain power, a characterabout to lose their virginity at any moment, saying "condom" onthirtysomething, Alicia Witt on Real People, and Ken's Pump Up theVolume tradition.