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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Dec 18, 2015

In this episode recorded LIVE! at the NorthEast ComicCon Ken welcomes Claudia Wells (Back to the Future, Fast Times) and John Wesley Shipp (The Flash, Dawson's Creek, The Flash) to the show.

First up, Ken and Claudia discuss Fast Times, modeling for the Sears Wishbook and JC Penny Catalogs, Family, growing up in San Francisco, starring in Martin Sheen's directorial debut as a fake pregnant teen, After School Specials, Off the Rack, The Brady Bunch, kissing everyone but Peter, when even Ed Asner can't get you out of a contract, Back to the Future, the divide between television stars and movie stars, Christopher Lloyd, Claudia's Scientist Father, the Back to the Future Video game, BTTF Animated Series, having Michael J. Fox in your back pocket, being shocked where you end up, owning Armani Wells Men's Clothing store for the last 25 years, the changing face of men's fashion, being recognized in civilian life, the difficulties of playing a role already played by someone else in a movie, sneaking into clandestinely see BTTF II and III, meeting and not meeting Elizabeth Shue, Sister Wives, CSI, Grey's Anatomy, the strange world of being a teenage actor, not being asked to the prom, Paparazzi, Jonathan Silverman, the pace of television, having Bob Gale as your travel agent, Family Ties, and having Private Eyes tail you.

Next up Ken welcomes John Wesley Shipp to the show. Ken and John Wesley discuss soap opera acting and the pace of soaps, musicals, working with teleprompters, the difficulty of memorizing huge amounts of pseudo-science babble, Fantasy Island, picking up Suand Lucci, The Flash (1990), the expense, making a movie every week for TV, why shows made by true fans are better, David Hasselhoff's music career, having fans at the Zoo, why soap opera fans are the most rabid, The Flash (current), the evolution of special effects, red leotards, celebrity culture and secret identities, how the baseball playoffs and the Gulf War hurt the 1990 Flash, Amanda Pays, the power of serialized drama and the human element, how the "will they won't they" can be an asset and a curse, the problems with metal helmets, Grant Gustin: Superhuman in real life, why Henry Allen left, niche audiences, and the thrill of playing a villain on TV.