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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Dec 9, 2015

September 11-17, 2005

Today Ken welcomes writer, comedian Jamie Loftus to the show.

Ken and Jamie discuss high school football, being "with" the band, the oboe, Brockton, boxing statues, the best rappers in the school, Cape Verdeans, Musical Theater, Michael Crawford, Kenny Everett, 9-11, the changing TV Guide week, Carnie Wilson's live streamed surgery, Degrassi, school shootings, The N, Radio Free Roscoe, Instant Star, STDs, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Jessica Lynch, The Food Network, Good Eats, growing up in a world that always had the internet, how being into frogs can lead to getting into jam bands, Ken's Hot Topic confession, My Super Sweet 16, wearing a backbrace, sax serenade, Basketball Songs, Mambo Number, Antiques Roadshow, college choices of regret, The Daily Show, being a second generation journalist, sports writing, Gilmore Girls, Ben or Noel?, Bones, Supernatural, O'Grady, the magic three hours, Are You the Girl? with TLC, My Fair Brady, Battle of the Network Reality Stars, the premier of Joey, I Love the 90s, Scrubs, ER, What I Like About You, loving Amanda Bynes, Atomic Kitten, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Supernanny, marathoning the Robocop Series, Gilemore Women, terrorizing your younger brother, Eurotrip, The Butterfly Effect, loving Ashton, Tracy Morgan replacing Shannon Doherty, click it or pick it, and learning the secrets of the World's Strongest Boy.