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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Feb 3, 2016

June 9 -15, 1979

Today Ken welcomes comedian, actress and fellow New Englander Jan Davidson to the show.

Ken and Jan discuss Los Angeles' lack of seasons, school year clocks, school shopping, LL Bean, Pretty Plus at Sears', store brands, Everett, loving gentrification, Malden Catholic, hoity toity Melrose, John Pinette, Donna Peskow, Angie, TV theme songs as pop music, Finders of Lost Loves, Solid Gold, Out of This World, being adopted, Jordan Marsh, never controlling the remote control, CHiPs, stoop sitting, Ken's Jimmy Neutron vibe, Mother/Daughter Beauty Pageant, Love Boat, virginity and the bible, having the same dad, Fantasy Island, stuck on Jan Brady, is Mr. Roarke Satan or God?, Church on 19, The Debolt's 19 Kids, Diff'rent Strokes, Superman The Musical, Carrie, telling Barbara Streisand she'd be a star after she's a star, Little House on the Prairie, White Shadow, blind deaf and dedicated, Newhart, putting words to instrumentals, Gary Marshall's universe, Santa Monica's Three's Company Sleaze, unmarried women, marrying Paul Lynde, Zuma Beach, refusing to buy Priscilla Barnes, Barney Miller, anti-punk TV, The Incredible Hulk, the terror of submarines, and the insane crazy world of McGunk.