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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Aug 5, 2016

June 12-18, 1999

Today Ken welcomes author and comedian Erin Judge to the show.

Ken and Erin discuss Ken's pop culture "leakage", Ken's esoteric monster hunting knowledge, New England obsessions with scented candles, Brooklyn to Texas, Wellesley College, Freshman Dorm TV viewing, how 1999 was the Year of the Woman on Television, Ally McBeal, Felicity, "Hollywood 60", Buffy The Vampire Slayer, being ignored by footballers, Friday Night Lights, Texas Rape Culture, Comics Come Home, Comedy Central, Pulp Comics, writing packets, Gen X, Waking Life, Slacker culture, Sable, Lisa Loeb, Political Science, how being a music journalist can ruin your love of music, Xena, Lesbians, Evil Dead Hercules, The Simpsons, depressed people who watch depressing things, Designing Women AIDS, The Fashion Awards, Fashion Programming, Sex in the City, when your friends are your true family, eating Brie, class warfare, MTV Video Music Awards, Ken's crush on Alicia Witt, confusing Suddenly Susan with Cybill, Antiques Roadshow, Laura Prepon's hypnotic out of place-ness, Thumb Wars, The Phantom Menace, settling the bathroom bill in 1999, college, Mad About You, Thanksgiving in June, Fraiser, Strangers with Candy, ugging up, Sports Night, Newsradio, Spin City, Teachers taking advantage of dumb teenage boys, Jenna Elfman, Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place, Drew Carey, Who's Line Is it Anyways?, Friends, The Secret of My Success, Jessie, and Ken accidentally dating a Will & Grace character.