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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jul 8, 2019

May 20-26, 1978

Today Ken welcomes writer and fellow pop culture enthusiast/victim Mathew Klickstein to the show.

Ken and Mat discuss why you should never let get do the ordering when going out to eat, growing up in Orange County, Sk8TV, pop punk, Blink 182, Nickelodeon, Pinwheel, Teenie Little Super Guy, how TV killed Vaudeville, stand up on TV, Jackass, getting introduced to new worlds via mix tapes, Fugazi, Riot Grrl, Spaced, Red Dwarf, UK TV, College, being invested in media, trying to get viewers/readers hooked right away, why you need rules to make good stuff sometimes, David Lynch, Terry Gilliam, Three's Company, Mary Tyler Moore, Gong Show,Theater of Blood, Vincent Price, Witchfinder General, The Wicker Man, All in the Family, orange juice ad campaigns, religion on TV, Mott the Hoople, PBS Documentaries, Louise Lasser as writer/director/star, Charles Grodin playing Charles Grodin, The Bastard, Don Knotts, the endless supply of John Ritter movies, Monty Python, Steve McQueen week, sexual stereotypes, deaf musicals, burning off pilots, The Incredible Hulk, Prince's Revolution, outsider art, and the wonders of The Kids of Widney High.