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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Dec 27, 2014

In this first ever New Year's Eve special Ken goes solo recapping his year and proving some suggestions for things you may want to watch this New Year's Eve.

He starts with a heartfelt, and a bit silly frankly, list of thank yous to listeners and friends, guests and supporters of the show. He also gets into the secret origins and background of the show, discusses a bit of his stand up comedy career, the horrible New Years past at his grandparent's house, New Year's fights, punk rock New Year's, Millenium New Year, Man or Astroman?, Adult Swim Marathons, the Reid family New Year's tradition of Rock N Roll Nightmare, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Barney Miller, Designing Women, Kate & Allie, Kids Inc, My So-Called Life, Night Court and the Wonder Years.

Happy New Year and here's to an even bigger and better 2015.