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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

May 15, 2015

Recorded LIVE! at the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland Oregon, on this special Bridgetown Comedy Festival edition of the show welcomes Brendon Small to the show.

Ken and Brendon discuss VooDoo Donuts, drug testing, working at a movie theater, Berklee College of Music, going to film school, Harold and Maude, Springfield, Emancipation, Garbage Plates vs. Chop Suey Sandwiches, Chez Henri, conscripting a retired chef, Paul O'Connell, guitar, Little Stevie's Pizza, being insulted by Bobby McFarren, acapella TV theme songs, It's Gary Shandling Show and its theme song, NBC's comedy revolution, the early days of Fox TV, writers' constant state of strike, Shout! Factory, how nothing new is actually new, Burns and Allen, Ernie Kovaks, Jack Benny, when things are Shakespeare, stealing from dead people, cable making you who you are, Night Flight, loving horror films, wanted to have nightmares, Salem's Lot, the Poltergeist remake, JoBeth Williams, great scores, puking up a worm, why amputees make the world's best monsters, novelizations as the original deleted scenes, Tobe Hooper, The Funhouse, Spider Plant kids, being a special FX make up artist, Basket Case, Frankenhooker, James Lorinz, Leprechaun, movies about balls, Jake Busey, 80s TV Horror anthology revolution, Get a Life, Fox's Werewolf, The Young Ones, Chris Elliot, UPN Network, from boats to TV, Bob and Ray, Chris Elliot as FDR, One Man Shows, Ben Franklin's White Shadow, Captain Moustache, 80s Boston comics, retarded JD Salingers, shitting on what you love, Metalocalypse, Desmind Pfeifer, Homeboys in Outerspace, Shasta McNasty, Home Movies, "the cartoon boom of 99", Dr. Katz, Jonathan Katz, Bob Newhart, Albert Brooks, smart subtle word comedy, Mr. Show, being roommates with Eugene Mirman, The Bob Newhart Show, The Marx Bros, Groucho, ignorance bred innovation, Sid Caesar, Your Show of Shows, onions, Jealousy as the greatest form of comedic admiration, Seinfeld, Mike Bent, hearing results based on practice, DJ Hazzard's red headed shadow, Metallica vs. Anthrax, developing your life long identity, when your job is to be inspired, Headbanger's Ball, losing MTV, Lost in America, Gary Marshall, Mr. Bill, Christopher Guest, Martin Short, Martin Short, SCTV vs. SNL, Billy Crystal as Sammy Davis Jr, Martin Short as Jackie Rogers' Jr, Jiminy Glick, Jerry Lewis, and Cheers + Jeers.