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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jan 30, 2015

In this special LIVE! Edition of the show recorded at the Smell in Downtown Los Angeles during the 2015 Riot LA Comedy Festival Ken welcomes voice over legend Billy West (Futurama, Ren & Stimpy, Doug).


Ken and Billy discuss their mutual experiences playing the Rat in Boston, Roslindale, cocaine, Greeks, the entertainer economy, Kardashians, the power of guitars, the tolerance of Boston, being shy, Roasts, the salvation of TV and Radio, early Elvis impersonations, the nature of stage clothing, Boston's reputation, Boston's North End, Beach Parties, Aerosmith, broken dreams, the nature of scenes, James Brown, the Record Garage, The Cars, The Ding Ho, the 80s Boston Comedy Scene, Barry Crimmins, the transition from music to comedy, playing with Brian Wilson, Howard Stern, playing sleazy lounges, Happy Days causing destruction, spandex, Touched by an Old Person, breaking the 10 Commandments, religion, The Three Stooges, Jimmy Stewart's racism, Larry Fine, Philly accents, minimizing your talents, shampoo, the dark days of Jell-o, feminism, Jay Leno, radio, almost dying, being a man, what women want, Big Dumb Radio Announcers, replacing your heroes, discovering the credits, depression, James Earl Jones' cookies, thinking you're better than everyone, Daws Butler's real voice, Billy's Real Voice, Fry, self compressing, being technical, Stephen Hawking, tracheotomies, pawning your body parts, Future voices, humor as healer, Ren & Stimpy, hearing your voice coming from toys, being recognized by voice, Cosby, Doug, Futurama, Zoidberg, and flying brains out.